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Multimodal Im/politeness: Signed, spoken, written

Edited by Andreas H. Jucker, Iris Hübscher and Lucien Brown

[Pragmatics & Beyond New Series, 333] 2023. vii, 360 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Discourse studies | Gesture Studies | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics

Honorific language and linguistic politeness in Korean

Edited by John Whitman and Lucien Brown

Special issue of Korean Linguistics 17:2 (2015) v, 140 pp.
Subjects Linguistics of isolated languages | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Language acquisition | Linguistics of isolated languages | Pragmatics


This paper uses interactional data to investigate the acoustic characteristics of polite or deferential speech in Korean. We asked fourteen Korean speakers to perform two tasks with two different interlocutors: a status superior and a friend. Consistent with previous studies of non-interactional… read more
This paper presents a critical discourse analysis of metapragmatic commentary in online news surrounding the emergence of a new offensive gesture in South Korea. This new offensive hand shape is a “precision grip” gesture whereby the thumb and index finger are pursed together to represent small… read more
Brown, Lucien, Iris Hübscher and Andreas H. Jucker 2023 Chapter 1. Multimodal im/politeness: IntroductionMultimodal Im/politeness: Signed, spoken, written, Jucker, Andreas H., Iris Hübscher and Lucien Brown (eds.), pp. 1–23 | Chapter
Brown, Lucien, Iris Hübscher, Hyunji Kim and Bodo Winter 2023 Chapter 5. Indexing social distance through bodily visual practices in two languagesMultimodal Im/politeness: Signed, spoken, written, Jucker, Andreas H., Iris Hübscher and Lucien Brown (eds.), pp. 131–161 | Chapter
This paper explores the multimodal indexing of social distance in two unrelated languages/cultures: Korean and Catalan. Participants performed several tasks: once with a status superior (“socially distant” condition) and once with a friend (“socially close”). Catalan speakers exhibited more body… read more
Brown, Lucien, Hyunji Kim, Iris Hübscher and Bodo Winter 2022 Gestures are modulated by social context: A study of multimodal politeness across two culturesGesture 21:2/3, pp. 167–200 | Article
This paper investigates gesture as a resource for marking politeness-related meanings. We asked 14 Korean and 14 Catalan participants to retell a cartoon, once to an unknown superior and once to a close friend. Participants in both languages curtail gestures when interacting with a socially… read more
Lee, Jiyoon and Lucien Brown 2022 Honorifics in the marketplace: A multimodal indexical analysisKorean Linguistics 18:1, pp. 76–119 | Article
This paper analyzes how vendors and customers in Korean marketplaces use three distinct levels of addressee honorifics: the deferential ‑supnita style, the polite ‑yo style and the so-called panmal ‘half speech’ style. The frequencies of these forms to some extent pattern with the relative… read more
Kim, Ariel and Lucien Brown 2019 Agency and impoliteness in Korean online interactionsInternet Pragmatics 2:2, pp. 233–259 | Article
(Im)politeness research has often focused either on the importance of social norms or on the intentions of the speaker, with the active role of the listener in assigning social meanings overlooked. This limitation particularly applies to so-called “discernment languages” such as Korean and… read more
Brown, Lucien 2015 Expressive, social and gendered meanings of Korean honorificsHonorific language and linguistic politeness in Korean, Whitman, John and Lucien Brown (eds.), pp. 242–266 | Article
Traditional research on Korean honorifics has tended to assume that these forms have fixed meanings such as deference and respect. In this paper, I argue that such meanings only represent the most prototypical and normative expressive meanings of honorific forms. By surveying recent pragmatics and… read more
Brown, Lucien and John Whitman 2015 Honorifics and politeness in KoreanHonorific language and linguistic politeness in Korean, Whitman, John and Lucien Brown (eds.), pp. 127–131 | Article
Brown, Lucien 2013 Identity and honorifics use in Korean study abroadSocial and Cultural Aspects of Language Learning in Study Abroad, Kinginger, Celeste (ed.), pp. 269–298 | Article
This study examines quantitative (DCT data) and qualitative (recordings of natural conversations, retrospective interviews) to explore the use of Korean honorifics by four advanced male learners on a study abroad program at a university in Seoul. Although the DCT data reveal that all four learners… read more
This paper uses a corpus of 14 hours of recorded interactions to analyze the “normative” and “strategic” honorifics usage of speakers of Korean as a second language. I define “normative” honorifics as usage that reflects recognized “power”, “distance” and “formality” factors. “Strategic” honorifics… read more