Marine Le Mené Guigourès

List of John Benjamins publications for which Marine Le Mené Guigourès plays a role.


Le Mené Guigourès, Marine, Anne Salazar-Orvig, Christine da Silva-Genest and Haydée Marcos 2024 Chapter 5. Young children’s experience of referentiality and nonreferentiality in dialogue(Non)referentiality in Conversation, Ewing, Michael C. and Ritva Laury (eds.), pp. 80–102 | Chapter
This chapter focuses on young children’s experience of referential and nonreferential uses of noun phrases (NPs) in everyday dialogues. Our study of a corpus of interactions between adults and children aged 1;10 to 2;6 showed that the indeterminacy and instability that might characterise… read more
Le Mené Guigourès, Marine, Anne Salazar-Orvig, Christine da Silva-Genest and Haydée Marcos 2023 The choice of referring expressions in adult-child dialogues: The influence of formal and functional factorsReference: From conventions to pragmatics, Gardelle, Laure, Laurence Vincent-Durroux and Hélène Vinckel-Roisin (eds.), pp. 323–345 | Chapter
This chapter focuses on the choice of referring expressions in adult-child dialogues, and particularly on the identification of formal and functional conditions promoting the uses of personal and demonstrative pronouns. The study is based on a corpus of 22 parent-child dyads. Children are aged… read more
Morgenstern, Aliyah, Stéphanie Caët, Camille Debras, Pauline Beaupoil-Hourdel and Marine Le Mené Guigourès 2021 Chapter 1. Children’s socialization to multi-party interactive practices: Who talks to whom about what in family dinnersLanguage and Social Interaction at Home and School, Caronia, Letizia (ed.), pp. 45–86 | Chapter
Multiparty interactions are crucial situations to study how children can participate in collaborative talk and broaden their experience of various interactional practices. Family dinners are particularly relevant to analyze how children and adults play different participatory roles and how parents… read more
Yamaguchi, Naomi, Anne Salazar-Orvig, Marine Le Mené Guigourès, Stéphanie Caët and Annie Rialland 2021 Chapter 2. Filler syllables as precursors of referring expressionsThe Acquisition of Referring Expressions: A dialogical approach, Salazar-Orvig, Anne, Geneviève de Weck, Rouba Hassan and Annie Rialland (eds.), pp. 42–80 | Chapter
In this chapter, we examine the properties of filler syllables as transition forms in the development of referring expressions. In particular, we hypothesize that fillers are precursors of referring expressions. We focus on the distribution, the phonological form and the referential function of… read more