Nikolaus P. Himmelmann

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This paper argues that recent proposals to sharply distinguish between language description and comparison are ill-conceived for two reasons. First, comparison is unavoidable and hence an integral part of description. Second, the proposals for a strict separation are based on an unrealistic and… read more | Article
This chapter discusses expressions of directed caused accompanied motion (directed CAM) events in Totoli, a western Austronesian language of eastern Indonesia. The most frequent strategy to express directed CAM events in Totoli is to combine a take verb with one of two directional clitics that… read more | Chapter
Margetts, Anna, Katharina Haude, Nikolaus P. Himmelmann, Dagmar Jung, Sonja Riesberg, Stefan Schnell, Frank Seifart, Harriet Sheppard and Claudia Wegener 2022 Cross-linguistic patterns in the lexicalisation of bring and takeStudies in Language 46:4, pp. 934–993
This study investigates the linguistic expression of bring and take events and more generally of the semantic domain of directed caused accompanied motion (‘directed CAM’) across a sample of eight languages of the Pacific and the Americas. Unlike English, the majority of languages in our sample do… read more | Article
Riesberg, Sonja, Maria Bardají i Farré, Kurt Malcher and Nikolaus P. Himmelmann 2022 Predicting voice choice in symmetrical voice languages: All the things that do not work in TotoliStudies in Language 46:2, pp. 453–516
Western Austronesian symmetrical voice languages exhibit at least two basic transitive constructions. This paper investigates what factors influence speakers’ choice of one voice over another in natural spoken discourse. It provides a thorough assessment of all factors that have been proposed to be… read more | Article
Himmelmann, Nikolaus P. 1996 Demonstratives in Narrative Discourse: A Taxonomy of Universal UsesStudies in Anaphora, Fox, Barbara A. (ed.), pp. 205 ff.