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Iconicity: East meets West

Edited by Masako K. Hiraga, William J. Herlofsky, Kazuko Shinohara and Kimi Akita

[Iconicity in Language and Literature, 14] 2015. x, 279 pp.
Subjects Phonology | Semiotics | Theoretical linguistics | Theoretical literature & literary studies
Subjects Cognition and language | Psycholinguistics | Typology


Hiraga, Masako K., William J. Herlofsky, Kazuko Shinohara and Kimi Akita 2015 Introduction: Ubiquity of Iconicity - East Meets WestIconicity: East meets West, Hiraga, Masako K., William J. Herlofsky, Kazuko Shinohara and Kimi Akita (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Article
Hiraga, Masako K. and Háj Ross 2013 The Bashō code: Metaphor and diagram in two haiku about silenceIconic Investigations, Elleström, Lars, Olga Fischer and Christina Ljungberg (eds.), pp. 25–42 | Article
“Haiku shows us what we knew all the time, but did not know we knew; 
it shows us that we are poets in so far as we live at all.
R. H. Blyth in Haiku (1952)This paper looks at the rhetorical structure of the two haiku texts by Bashō, which display formal and semantic similarities. After giving a… read more
Nagai, Tomokazu and Masako K. Hiraga 2011 Inner and outer body parts: The case of hara ‘belly’ and koshi ‘lower back’ in JapaneseEmbodiment via Body Parts: Studies from various languages and cultures, Maalej, Zouheir and Ning Yu (eds.), pp. 149–170 | Article
The aim of this chapter is to consider the relationship between the outer and inner body as sources of motivation for metonymy and metaphor. We base our discussion on examples of Japanese expressions that use outer and inner areas of the body centered around the abdominal region: hara ‘belly’ and… read more
Hiraga, Masako K. 2008 Tao of learning: Metaphors Japanese students live byMetaphors for Learning: Cross-cultural Perspectives, Berendt, Erich A. (ed.), pp. 55–72 | Article
Hiraga, Masako K. 2003 How metaphor and iconicity are entwined in poetry: A case in haikuFrom Sign to Signing, Müller, Wolfgang G. and Olga Fischer, pp. 317–335 | Article
Hiraga, Masako K., Chris Sinha and Sherman Wilcox 1999 IntroductionCultural, Psychological and Typological Issues in Cognitive Linguistics: Selected papers of the bi-annual ICLA meeting in Albuquerque, July 1995, Hiraga, Masako K., Chris Sinha and Sherman Wilcox (eds.) | Miscellaneous