Wei Ren

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wei Ren plays a role.



Wu, Yiman, Wei Ren and Yi Zhang 2024 Attacks and remedies in online public opinion reversal eventsPragmatics and Society 15:3, pp. 448–470 | Article
Collective attacks related to controversial issues are pervasive in online communication. However, public opinion is often reversed later when earlier reports are revealed to be misinformation, which may lead to remedies offered to the victim by netizens. We call such phenomena online public… read more
Although address terms have been examined in Chinese and Japanese, few studies have compared the use of address terms between the two languages. This study investigates address terms in Chinese and Japanese in social media communication, focusing on requests between university students. Two sets… read more
Ren, Wei and Wenjie Liu 2021 Chapter 5. Phatic communion in Chinese students’ gratitude emails in English: Production and perceptionEmail Pragmatics and Second Language Learners, Economidou-Kogetsidis, Maria, Milica Savić and Nicola Halenko (eds.), pp. 129–150 | Chapter
This study investigates Chinese students’ production and perception of phatic communion in English gratitude emails to professors. The data were collected in two parts. First, a total of 78 Chinese graduate students were asked to write a thank-you email in English to a professor in a hypothetical… read more
The traditional simplistic understanding of legal genre as homogeneous texts of legalese is recently confronted by researches focusing on the contextual aspects of legal communication, i.e. the production, circulation, and consumption of legal genres in diverse institutional contexts (Candlin and… read more
Ren, Wei 2019 Chapter 8. Intensification in online consumer reviews: Insights from ChineseTechnology Mediated Service Encounters, Garcés-Conejos Blitvich, Pilar, Lucía Fernández-Amaya and María de la O Hernández-López (eds.), pp. 199–222 | Chapter
This study adds to the growing literature on online consumer reviews by analyzing intensification in Chinese online consumer reviews from a dataset of 355 user-generated online comments on the Kindle Paperwhite E-reader on Amazon China. The study first analyzes the usage and frequency of different… read more
Motivation has an effect on the rate and success of second language (L2) learning. However, little is known about its role in students’ levels of L2 pragmatic awareness. This study investigated whether and to what extent students’ L2 motivation influences their pragmatic awareness. A total of… read more
Few studies have investigated the internal modification of refusals. This study investigates the effect of participating in a study abroad programme on the pragmatic development of Chinese students’ employment of internal modifiers in their L2 English refusals. 20 Chinese students studying abroad… read more
Ren, Wei 2012 Pragmatic development in Chinese speakers’ L2 English refusalsEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 12 (2012), Roberts, Leah, Christina Lindqvist, Camilla Bardel and Niclas Abrahamsson (eds.), pp. 63–87 | Article
This study investigates the effect of learning environment (study abroad vs. at home) on the pragmatic development of Chinese speakers’ L2 English refusals. A total of 20 Chinese Study Abroad (SA) students participated in the study and their L2 refusals were examined over the course of one academic… read more