Rebecca Tipton

List of John Benjamins publications for which Rebecca Tipton plays a role.



This article addresses issues of multilingualism in domestic violence support services, building on Tipton (2017a) and findings from a small qualitative study involving an organization in the North West of England. The aim is to shed light on how organizations construct multilingual spaces, the… read more
This article investigates aspects of intercultural communication in institutional interaction with refugees in Britain following the 1956 Hungarian uprising. Their arrival, against a backdrop of Cold War politics and the ongoing Suez crisis, constituted Britain’s first test as a signatory to the… read more
This article examines the function and perception of public service interpreting provision in contemporary Britain against the backdrop of conflict that has emerged in media and political circles as a result of the spiralling cost of such provision. Using an approach based on critical discourse… read more
Abstract/Résumé Le développement de la réflexion sur la pratique professionnelle au sein des programmes de formation professionnelle des interprètes en milieu social apporte à ces interprètes un moyen d’évaluer, de valider ou de valoriser leurs connaissances vis-à-vis du lieu de travail et du soi… read more