Sible Andringa

List of John Benjamins publications for which Sible Andringa plays a role.



Previous studies have shown that bilingual children typically score more poorly on nonword repetition (NWR) tasks than monolingual peers, which has been attributed to bilinguals’ lower proficiency in the language that the NWR task is based on. To enable fairer assessments of bilingual children,… read more
Aalberse, Suzanne, Sible Andringa, Martina Faber and Phine Lippe 2020 Definiteness in Wenzhounese Chinese in the Netherlands and in China: Evidence for generational change in two locationsLost in Transmission: The role of attrition and input in heritage language development, Brehmer, Bernhard and Jeanine Treffers-Daller (eds.), pp. 15–32 | Chapter
By comparing two generations of speakers in China and the Netherlands, we investigated whether Wenzhounese Chinese as spoken by heritage speakers in the Netherlands might be subject to change due to its contact with the Dutch language. To this end, we considered how nouns referring to already… read more
Spit, Sybren, Sible Andringa, Judith Rispens and Enoch O. Aboh 2019 The opt out paradigm: First steps towards a new experimental method that measures meta-linguistic awarenessDutch Journal of Applied Linguistics 8:2, pp. 206–227 | Article
A common assumption is that children learn a language implicitly and without conscious awareness of form and grammar, but this assumption has virtually never been tested experimentally. We propose a novel experimental method to examine if children’s ability to acquire linguistic regularities… read more
Aalberse, Suzanne, Yiwen Zou and Sible Andringa 2017 Extended use of demonstrative pronouns in two generations of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the Netherlands: Evidence of convergence?Cross-linguistic Influence in Bilingualism: In honor of Aafke Hulk, Blom, Elma, Leonie Cornips and Jeannette Schaeffer (eds.), pp. 25–48 | Chapter
This study investigated the use of demonstratives in encoding already mentioned referents in two generations of Mandarin Chinese speakers in the Netherlands. Data from twelve families was compared to baseline data from eight native controls in China. Previous literature suggests that languages… read more
Hulstijn, Jan H. and Sible Andringa 2014 The effects of age and level of education on the ability of adult native speakers of Dutch to segment speech into wordsAbove and Beyond the Segments: Experimental linguistics and phonetics, Caspers, Johanneke, Yiya Chen, Willemijn Heeren, Jos Pacilly, Niels O. Schiller and Ellen van Zanten (eds.), pp. 152–164 | Article
This study tested Hulstijn’s (2011) hypothesis that adult native speakers share the ability to process every-day speech, although older people do so more slowly than younger people. In two segmentation tasks, segments of speech were presented consisting of two to four highly common words. In the… read more
The assessment of text difficulty has played an important role in the development of the 'Elektronische tekstbegriptoets voor de brugklas', a tool for screening students in the first year of secondary education on their text comprehension skills. On the one hand, the investigation was intended to… read more