Barbora Skarabela

List of John Benjamins publications for which Barbora Skarabela plays a role.


Allen, Shanley E.M., Mary Hughes and Barbora Skarabela 2015 The role of cognitive accessibility in children’s referential choiceThe Acquisition of Reference, Serratrice, Ludovica and Shanley E.M. Allen (eds.), pp. 123–153 | Article
This chapter reviews the literature on preschool children’s sensitivity to cognitive accessibility in selecting linguistic forms to realize referents in speech. Both spontaneous speech and experimental production studies are reviewed, encompassing thirteen languages for monolingual children and… read more
O'Connor, Catherine, Joan Maling and Barbora Skarabela 2013 Nominal categories and the expression of possession: A cross-linguistic study of probabilistic tendencies and categorical constraintsMorphosyntactic Categories and the Expression of Possession, Börjars, Kersti, David Denison and Alan K. Scott (eds.), pp. 89–122 | Article
In this cross-linguistic study we present parallels between (a) the stochastic patterns found in corpus studies of English prenominal possessives, and (b) the rule-governed, categorical features of a highly constrained prenominal possessive construction found in some Germanic, Slavic, and Romance… read more
Allen, Shanley E.M., Barbora Skarabela and Mary Hughes 2008 Using corpora to examine discourse effects in syntaxCorpora in Language Acquisition Research: History, methods, perspectives, Behrens, Heike (ed.), pp. 99–137 | Article