Chunsheng Yang

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Subjects Applied linguistics | Language acquisition | Language teaching | Phonology | Sino-Tibetan languages


This study examines English speaking learners’ acquisition of three Chinese de structures, including Nominalization, Cleft, and Relative Clause. Our findings reveal different acquisition patterns for the three structures and identify several major factors such as structural similarities and… read more
Yang, Chunsheng and Jing Chu 2016 Testing rhythm metrics in L2 Mandarin ChineseJournal of Second Language Pronunciation 2:2, pp. 208–224 | Article
This study examines the language attitudes of young professionals in three cities in China towards Northeastern Mandarin (NEM) and Putonghua (PTH) (i.e., the standard language in China). It confirms that NEM has lower status as compared to PTH. However, the young professionals in Northeast China… read more