M. Victoria Escandell-Vidal

List of John Benjamins publications for which M. Victoria Escandell-Vidal plays a role.



Escandell-Vidal, M. Victoria 2023 Estar +ILP: Testing the experiential commitmentCopulas in Spanish and Beyond, Gumiel-Molina, Silvia and Isabel Pérez-Jiménez (eds.), pp. 257–281 | Article
A sentence like María está muy guapa (‘María looks very pretty’) attributes the property of being pretty to María but also conveys the assumption that the state-of-affairs described is based on direct experience. Several explanatory hypotheses are found in the literature to account for this… read more
Escandell-Vidal, M. Victoria and Manuel Leonetti 2014 Chapter 11. Fronting and irony in SpanishLeft Sentence Peripheries in Spanish: Diachronic, Variationist and Comparative Perspectives, Dufter, Andreas and Álvaro S. Octavio de Toledo y Huerta (eds.), pp. 309–342 | Chapter
This paper aims at explaining why irony is particularly salient in a certain kind of Spanish sentences that involve fronting of a constituent. This fact should be totally unexpected if one assumes – as we do – that irony is mainly a contextual phenomenon (Wilson & Sperber 1992 et passim). An… read more
Escandell-Vidal, M. Victoria, Victoria Marrero Aguiar and Pilar Pérez Ocón 2014 Prosody, information structure and evaluationEvaluation in Context, Thompson, Geoff † and Laura Alba-Juez (eds.), pp. 153–178 | Article
The goal of this paper is to contribute to a better understanding of how prosodic lengthening in Spanish can be a means of marking information structure, particularly when an entire propositional content is involved. We test empirically the correlation between a form of prosodic marking used to… read more
Escandell-Vidal, M. Victoria 2009 Differential object marking and topicality: The case of Balearic CatalanStudies in Language 33:4, pp. 832–884 | Article
The aim of this paper is to examine Differential Object Marking (DOM) in Balearic Catalan. While definiteness and animacy can explain the distribution of DOM in other varieties of Catalan, in Balearic, the split between marked and non-marked objects is not dependent on inherent or referential… read more
Leonetti, Manuel and M. Victoria Escandell-Vidal 2009 Fronting and verum focus in SpanishFocus and Background in Romance Languages, Dufter, Andreas and Daniel Jacob (eds.), pp. 155–204 | Article
Escandell-Vidal, M. Victoria 2004 15. Norms and principles. Putting social and cognitive pragmatics togetherCurrent Trends in the Pragmatics of Spanish, Márquez Reiter, Rosina and María Elena Placencia (eds.), pp. 347 ff. | Chapter
Escandell-Vidal, M. Victoria 1998 Intonation and Procedural Encoding: The Case of Spanish InterrogativesCurrent Issues in Relevance Theory, Rouchota, Villy and Andreas H. Jucker (eds.), pp. 169 ff. | Article