Paul J. Hopper

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Frequency and the Emergence of Linguistic Structure

Edited by Joan L. Bybee and Paul J. Hopper

[Typological Studies in Language, 45] 2001. vii, 492 pp.
Subjects Historical linguistics | Psycholinguistics | Typology

The Limits of Grammaticalization

Edited by Anna Giacalone Ramat and Paul J. Hopper

[Typological Studies in Language, 37] 1998. vi, 307 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Pragmatics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics | Typology

Voice: Form and Function

Edited by Barbara A. Fox and Paul J. Hopper

[Typological Studies in Language, 27] 1994. xiii, 377 pp.
Subjects Discourse studies | Functional linguistics | Pragmatics | Theoretical linguistics
Subjects Comparative linguistics | Historical linguistics

Tense-Aspect: Between semantics & pragmatics

Edited by Paul J. Hopper

[Typological Studies in Language, 1] 1982. ix, 350 pp.
Subjects Pragmatics | Semantics | Typology
Subjects Historical linguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Anacrustic Coordination (AC) is a type of biclausal conjunction such that an initial clause or phrase sets up a state of affairs and is followed by and and a strongly focused second clause, for example three years it’s been sitting here and I haven’t done it. AC figures in a number of kinds of… read more
Hopper, Paul J. 2020 Chapter 12. AfterwordEmergent Syntax for Conversation: Clausal patterns and the organization of action, Maschler, Yael, Simona Pekarek Doehler, Jan Lindström and Leelo Keevallik (eds.), pp. 331–338 | Chapter
Hopper, Paul J. 2015 Temporality and the Emergence of a Construction: A Discourse Approach to SluicingTemporality in Interaction, Deppermann, Arnulf and Susanne Günthner (eds.), pp. 123–146 | Article
A sluice (Ross 1969) is a wh-word that, in the standard syntactic view, refers to ellipted material in an antecedent clause. In the present study, based on conversational data, I view sluices from a temporal and interactional perspective in which grammatical constructions are seen as emergent in… read more
Hopper, Paul J. and Sandra A. Thompson 2008 Projectability and clause combining in interactionCrosslinguistic Studies of Clause Combining: The multifunctionality of conjunctions, Laury, Ritva (ed.), pp. 99–123 | Article
We examine a set of supposedly “biclausal” constructions in natural conversations in English and German, and argue that: (1) these constructions are not biclausal, since the second “clause” is typically not a clause but an indeterminate stretch of discourse without a consistent syntactic structure;… read more
Hopper, Paul J. 2002 Hendiadys and auxiliation in EnglishComplex Sentences in Grammar and Discourse: Essays in honor of Sandra A. Thompson, Bybee, Joan L. and Michael Noonan (eds.), pp. 145–173 | Article
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Hopper, Paul J. and Janice Martin 1987 Structuralism and diachrony: the development of the indefinite article in EnglishPapers from the 7th International Conference on Historical Linguistics, Giacalone Ramat, Anna, Onofrio Carruba and Giuliano Bernini (eds.), pp. 295 ff. | Article
Hopper, Paul J. 1982 PrefaceTense-Aspect: Between semantics & pragmatics, Hopper, Paul J. (ed.), pp. vii ff. | Miscellaneous