Katarina Rasulić

List of John Benjamins publications for which Katarina Rasulić plays a role.


Rasulić, Katarina 2020 Chapter 4. Turning the heart into a neighbour: (Re)framing Kosovo in Serbian political discourseThe Language of Crisis: Metaphors, frames and discourses, Huang, Mimi and Lise-Lotte Holmgreen (eds.), pp. 111–136 | Chapter
This chapter explores the role of conceptual metaphor and metonymy in the framing of Kosovo in the Serbian political discourse related to the EU-mediated negotiations on the normalization of Serbia–Kosovo relations. The analysis, set against the theoretical background of cognitive linguistics,… read more
Bogetić, Ksenija, Andrijana Broćić and Katarina Rasulić 2019 Chapter 10. Linguistic metaphor identification in SerbianMetaphor Identification in Multiple Languages: MIPVU around the world, Nacey, Susan, Aletta G. Dorst, Tina Krennmayr and W. Gudrun Reijnierse (eds.), pp. 203–226 | Chapter
Rasulić, Katarina 2017 A metaphor biangle: Raymond W. Gibbs, Jr. and Gerard J. SteenMetaphor in Religion and Spirituality, Pihlaja, Stephen (ed.), pp. 130–151 | Oration
This chapter explores human-related conceptual metonymies in English and Serbian. Highlighting the shared metonymic mappings involving human beings as targets (x for human) and vehicles (human for x)and the similarities/differences in their lexical and grammatical realization in… read more
This paper explores the polysemy of English and Serbian temperature adjectives from a cognitive linguistic perspective. After a global overview of the adjectival categorisation of the temperature domain in the two languages, the pertinent semantic extensions are analysed and compared with regard to… read more