Holman Tse

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For many individuals, the first acquired language is also the linguistically dominant language, but what are the implications for sociophonetic variation if the linguistically dominant language is a second acquired childhood language, as is the case for many heritage speakers? This chapter… read more | Chapter
Tse, Holman 2019 Vowel shifts in Cantonese? Toronto vs. Hong KongRegional Chinese in Contact, Walker, James A. (ed.), pp. 67–83
This paper addresses Labov’s principles of vowel chain shifting in Toronto and Hong Kong Cantonese based on sociolinguistic interviews from the Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto Project. The analysis is based on normalized F1 and F2 values of 33,179 vowel tokens from 11 monophthongs… read more | Article
This paper presents the first sociophonetic study of Cantonese vowels using sociolinguistic interview data from the Heritage Language Variation and Change in Toronto Corpus. It focuses on four allophones [iː], [ɪk/ɪŋ], [uː], and [ʊk/ʊŋ] of two contrastive vowels /iː/ and /uː/ across two generations… read more | Article