Lisa R. Van Havermaet

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lisa R. Van Havermaet plays a role.


Van Havermaet, Lisa R. and Lee H. Wurm 2017 Effects of Danger, Usefulness, and Body-Object Interaction in picture namingThe Mental Lexicon 12:1, pp. 51–70 | Article
Several previous studies have shown that the time-course of word recognition is determined in part by an interaction between connotations of Danger and Usefulness. A small, mostly separate literature has investigated the role of Body-Object Interaction (BOI) in lexical processing. BOI is defined… read more
A potential embodied influence in the semantic effects of Danger and Usefulness is investigated using Body-Object Interaction (BOI). Lexical decision times are influenced by ratings of Danger and Usefulness. In a frequently-found interaction, thought to be produced by activated approach-withdraw… read more
Kennette, Lynne N., Lee H. Wurm and Lisa R. Van Havermaet 2010 Change detection: The effects of linguistic focus, hierarchical word level and proficiencyThe Mental Lexicon 5:1, pp. 47–86 | Article
A version of the change-detection paradigm was used to examine Good-Enough Representation (Ferreira, Bailey, & Ferraro, 2002). Participants read sentence pairs where a subject noun (e.g., flower) could change to a Superordinate (e.g., plant), Subordinate (e.g., rose), or an Unrelated (e.g., prince)… read more