Kelly Washbourne

List of John Benjamins publications for which Kelly Washbourne plays a role.


This study seeks a threefold exploration of an aspect of Mark Twain’s forays into translation, particularly with respect to one tale’s fate in its first French version. First, back-translation’s most ostensible purpose is to represent a foreign language text’s (in)accuracy transparently; Twain,… read more
Washbourne, Kelly 2024 Theorizing a postmodern translator educationTarget 36:1, pp. 1–25 | Article
The goal of this article is to unite the different strands of postpositivist thinking about translator education, including both axiological and epistemological, as well as the often-neglected political dimensions. Accordingly, the study considers evidence-based versus values-based education,… read more
Washbourne, Kelly and Camelly Cruz-Martes 2024 Text as haunt: The spectrality of translationTranslation and Interpreting Studies 19:1, pp. 1–20 | Article
The spectral in translation may be considered an opportunity for opening, and the textual haunting that results, a way of conceiving of other-inhabitedness. Texts, translations, authors and translators have long been framed in the discourse of hauntedness as a way of coming to terms with their… read more
Washbourne, Kelly 2023 Transnational wisdom literature goes pop in translationTranslation Spaces 12:1, pp. 124–143 | Article
The genre of self-help often is nurtured – or hijacked – from highbrow literary traditions such as conduct literature and sacred texts. Translation is the mechanism whereby an ‘esotouristic’ or new-ageified text travels in ready consumability, a commercializing process that asserts forms that… read more
Washbourne, Kelly 2016 Authenticity and the indigenous: Translating the ethnographic avant-gardeBabel 62:2, pp. 169–190 | Article
This study will entertain considerations of authenticity and identity in translating Spanish American Neoindigenist fiction. Ladino writing and its translatability, its translinguistic and transcultural nature, are explored, particularly insofar as its context intersects with the oral and written… read more
Does the “expert blind spot”, our “unconscious competence”, lead us to undermine the effectiveness of our translation assignments? This study characterizes the translation task as schema-based, and thus prone to cognitive overload for the learner. Accordingly, schema acquisition tasks featuring… read more