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Adjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance

Edited by Martin Hummel and Salvador Valera

[Linguistik Aktuell/Linguistics Today, 242] 2017. vi, 374 pp.
Subjects Morphology | Romance linguistics | Semantics | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Abstract This article examines four hypotheses that have been suggested in the recent discussion on the syntactic status of French short adverbs such as in aller direct and manger gras (Noailly, 1994, Abeillé & Godard, 2004, amongst others). According to the first hypothesis (A), short adverbs are… read more
Hummel, Martin 2017 Chapter 1. Adjectives with adverbial functions in RomanceAdjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance, Hummel, Martin and Salvador Valera (eds.), pp. 13–46 | Chapter
The adjective adverb interface is crucial for the analysis of adverbial modifiers: adjectives are used with adverbial function (Type A), adjectives are morphologically marked as adverbs (Type B) and adverbial paraphrases often contain adjectives (Type C). In the same ‘local context’ of VP, Type… read more
Valera, Salvador and Martin Hummel 2017 IntroductionAdjective Adverb Interfaces in Romance, Hummel, Martin and Salvador Valera (eds.), pp. 1–9 | Chapter
Hummel, Martin 2014 The adjective-adverb interface in Romance and EnglishAdjectives in Germanic and Romance, Sleeman, Petra, Freek Van de Velde and Harry Perridon (eds.), pp. 35–72 | Article
Hengeveld classifies English as a ‘differentiated’ language that uses two morphological word-classes for adjective and (manner) adverb. The paper shows that English is instead a language where ‘differentiation’ coexists and competes with ‘flexibility’ (one word-class for adjective and adverb).… read more