Dan Ponsford

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This paper is concerned with the relation between semantics and non-linguistic practice and with change in that relation. The particular case involves two classes of clausal constructions that have lay as their verb and are used in initiating bets. One class involves lay a wager and the other… read more
This paper is about constructional change that is brought about through change in non-linguistic practice. The English construction of interest is one that speakers use to initiate bets with their addressees. Its verb is lay, its subject is the speaker, and its direct object is the stake the… read more
Ponsford, Dan, Willem B. Hollmann and Anna Siewierska 2013 Sources of BETFunctions of Language 20:1, pp. 90–124 | Article
We investigate the sources of betting constructions, and specifically their predicates. The notion of risking something of value on an outcome is a complex one. Culturally, some degree of disposability of property is required. The concept is nevertheless lexicalized in many parts of the world.… read more