George L. Huttar

List of John Benjamins publications for which George L. Huttar plays a role.

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Huttar, George L. 2009 Development of a creole lexiconGradual Creolization: Studies celebrating Jacques Arends, Selbach, Rachel, Hugo C. Cardoso and Margot van den Berg (eds.), pp. 173–188 | Article
This paper explores the contribution of lexical research, with particular regard to Ndyuka of Suriname, to evaluation of Arends’ gradualist hypothesis of creolization. The number and semantic nature of 195 Ndyuka lexical items from different relevant African groups of languages are compared. The… read more
Huttar, George L., James Essegbey and Felix K. Ameka 2007 Gbe and other West African sources of Suriname creole semantic structures: Implications for creole genesisSubstrate Influence in Creole Formation, Migge, Bettina and Norval Smith (eds.), pp. 57–72 | Article
This paper reports on ongoing research on the role of various kinds of potential substrate languages in the development of the semantic structures of Ndyuka (Eastern Suriname Creole). A set of 100 senses of noun, verb, and other lexemes in Ndyuka were compared with senses of corresponding lexemes… read more
Huttar, George L. and Frank J. Velantie 1997 Ndyuka-Trio PidginContact Languages: A wider perspective, Thomason, Sarah G. (ed.), pp. 99–124 | Article
Huttar, Mary L. and George L. Huttar 1997 Reduplication in NdyukaThe Structure and Status of Pidgins and Creoles: Including selected papers from meetings of the Society for Pidgin and Creole linguistics, Spears, Arthur K. and Donald Winford (eds.), pp. 395 ff. | Article
Huttar, George L. and Evert Koanting 1993 Are Ndjuká Comparative Markers Verbs?Atlantic Meets Pacific: A global view of pidginization and creolization, Byrne, Francis and John Holm † (eds.), pp. 165 ff. | Article
Huttar, George L. 1991 Ndjuka Organisation of Experience: African or Universal?Development and Structures of Creole Languages: Essays in honor of Derek Bickerton, Byrne, Francis and Thom Huebner (eds.), pp. 101 ff. | Article
Huttar, George L. 1981 SIL work in English-based creolesEnglish World-Wide 2:1, pp. 83–86 | Miscellaneous