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Aspect in Mandarin Chinese: A corpus-based study

Richard Xiao † and Tony McEnery

[Studies in Language Companion Series, 73] 2004. x, 305 pp.
Subjects Corpus linguistics | Semantics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics


Xiao, Richard † 2013 Review of Marzo, Heylen & De Sutter (2012): Corpus Studies in Contrastive LinguisticsText-based contrastive linguistics, Altenberg, Bengt and Karin Aijmer (eds.), pp. 267–273 | Review
Xiao, Richard † and Yan Cao 2013 Native and non-native English abstracts in contrast: A multidimensional move analysisInterference and normalization in genre-controlled multilingual corpora, Lefer, Marie-Aude and Svetlana Vogeleer (eds.), pp. 111–134 | Article
This article takes a composite approach that combines move analysis and multidimensional analysis to a contrastive study of textual variations in discourse moves between native and non-native English abstracts, focusing on the biology discipline. Building on a new multidimensional analysis model… read more
This article presents a corpus-based contrastive study of word clusters and reformulation markers in Chinese and English, and discusses the implications of the findings for translation universal hypotheses. The study is based on three balanced comparable corpora which represent British English,… read more
Corpus-based translation studies focus on translation as a product by comparing comparable corpora of translational and non-translational texts. A number of distinctive features of translational English in relation to native English have been uncovered. Nevertheless, research of this area has so… read more
McEnery, Tony and Richard Xiao † 2007 Parallel and comparable corpora: The state of playCorpus-Based Perspectives in Linguistics, Kawaguchi, Yuji, Toshihiro Takagaki, Nobuo Tomimori and Yoichiro Tsuruga (eds.), pp. 131–145 | Article
Xiao, Richard †, Tony McEnery and Yufang Qian 2006 Passive constructions in English and Chinese: A corpus-based contrastive studyLanguages in Contrast 6:1, pp. 109–149 | Article
This article combines the corpus-based and contrastive approaches, seeking to provide a systematic account of passive constructions in two typologically distinct languages, namely British English and Mandarin Chinese. We will first explore, on the basis of written and spoken corpus data, a range of… read more
McEnery, Tony and Richard Xiao † 1999 Domains, text types, aspect marking and English-Chinese translationLanguages in Contrast 2:2, pp. 211–229 | Article
This paper uses an English-Chinese parallel corpus, an L1 Chinese comparable corpus, and an L1 Chinese reference corpus to examine how aspectual meanings in English are translated into Chinese and explore the effects of domains, text types and translation on aspect marking. We will show that while… read more