Jan Heegård Petersen

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The article addresses the issue of an assumed correlation between heritage language speakers’ linguistic system and their fluency. Previous research has shown that heritage language speakers who have grammatical patterns that are divergent from the language spoken in the homeland also have lexical… read more | Article
Petersen, Jan Heegård 2012 How to put and take in KalashaEvents of Putting and Taking: A crosslinguistic perspective, Kopecka, Anetta and Bhuvana Narasimhan (eds.), pp. 349–366
In Kalasha, an Indo-Aryan language spoken in Northwest Pakistan, the linguistic encoding of ‘put’ and ‘take’ events reveals a symmetry between lexical ‘put’ and ‘take’ verbs that implies ‘placement on’ and ‘removal from’ a supporting surface. As regards ‘placement in’ and ‘removal from’ an… read more | Article