Bas Aarts

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bas Aarts plays a role.


Subjects Corpus linguistics | English linguistics | Germanic linguistics


Kuteva, Tania, Bas Aarts, Gergana Popova and Anvita Abbi 2019 The grammar of ‘non-realization’Studies in Language 43:4, pp. 850–895 | Article
On the basis of cross-linguistic data from both genetically and geographically related and unrelated languages, in this article we argue that the linguistic phenomena usually referred to as the avertive, the frustrative and the apprehensional belong not to three but to five – semantically… read more
This paper takes the variation between must, have to and have got to as a window through which to view changes in the modal system in Present-Day British English (1960s–1990s). The results from this study show a dramatic decrease in frequency of the core modal must and a significant increase in… read more
In a number of publications (e.g. Croft 2001, 2004, 2006) Bill Croft has argued that distributional analysis as a methodology for setting up grammatical categories poses problems which can be avoided if constructions, not word classes, are grammatically primitive, and if categories are derived from… read more
Aarts, Bas 2004 Modelling linguistic gradienceStudies in Language 28:1, pp. 1–49 | Article
Many schools of modern linguistics generally adopt a rigid approach to categorisation by not allowing degrees of form class membership, degrees of resemblance to a prototype or overlaps between categories. This all-or-none conception of categorisation (Bolinger 1961) goes back to Aristotle, and… read more