Anne McCabe

List of John Benjamins publications for which Anne McCabe plays a role.


In this chapter we attempt to answer Manchón and Williams’ (2016, p. 580) question as to “how language and writing develop in content-based instruction and CLIL programs” as a key concern in the study of writing as a site for language learning. Our longitudinal study from a CLIL context traces… read more
This article provides a linguistic analysis of facts and viewpoints in a British-Peninsular Spanish sample of newspaper reports written about the Second Lebanon war (2006). Almeida’s (1992) category system for the analysis of factuality and nonfactuality, and Martin and White’s (2005) Appraisal… read more
McCabe, Anne and Rachel Whittaker 2017 Genre and appraisal in CLIL history texts: Developing the voice of the historianApplied Linguistics Perspectives on CLIL, Llinares, Ana and Tom Morton (eds.), pp. 105–124 | Article
This chapter offers a perspective on texts written in a CLIL class, highlighting the role of the interpersonal meanings covered by the appraisal framework (Martin & White 2005) in constructing the different genres of history, which are not only factual, but also include assigning value and… read more
Alonso Belmonte, Isabel, Daniel Chornet and Anne McCabe 2013 Benefit or burden? Press representation of immigrant workers during the Spanish economic recessionDiscourse and Crisis: Critical perspectives, De Rycker, Antoon and Zuraidah Mohd Don (eds.), pp. 363–393 | Article