Victoria Kazakovskaya

List of John Benjamins publications for which Victoria Kazakovskaya plays a role.


Kazakovskaya, Victoria and Maria D. Voeikova 2021 Chapter 7. Acquisition of derivational morphology in RussianThe Acquisition of Derivational Morphology: A cross-linguistic perspective, Mattes, Veronika, Sabine Sommer-Lolei, Katharina Korecky-Kröll and Wolfgang U. Dressler (eds.), pp. 169–196 | Chapter
The chapter examines the onset of derivational morphology in the speech production of two Russian boys (aged between 1;5–2;8 and 1;8–3;0). This process involves early nouns, verbs and adjectives built by different derivation methods. Suffixation is typical for nouns and adjectives, whereas new… read more
Kazakovskaya, Victoria 2017 Chapter 3. Acquisition of nominal compounds in RussianNominal Compound Acquisition, Dressler, Wolfgang U., F. Nihan Ketrez and Marianne Kilani-Schoch (eds.), pp. 63–90 | Chapter
This chapter discusses early noun compound acquisition in the morphologically rich, but relatively compound-poor Russian language, reflected in lower frequency of compounds in CDS and CS. The results are based on longitudinal data of five typically-developing monolingual children and their… read more