Barbara F. Kelly

List of John Benjamins publications for which Barbara F. Kelly plays a role.


Gawne, Lauren, Chelsea Krajcik, Helene N. Andreassen, Andrea L. Berez-Kroeker and Barbara F. Kelly 2019 Data transparency and citation in the journal GestureGesture 18:1, pp. 83–109 | Article
Data is central to scholarly research, but the nature and location of data used is often under-reported in research publications. Greater transparency and citation of data have positive effects for the culture of research. This article presents the results of a survey of data citation in six… read more
Kelly, Barbara F. 2018 Chapter 4. Interactions of speaker knowledge and volitionality in SherpaEgophoricity, Floyd, Simeon, Elisabeth Norcliffe and Lila San Roque (eds.), pp. 139–152 | Chapter
This chapter investigates evidentiality and egophoricity in Sherpa, spoken in eastern Nepal. It seeks to build on existing accounts of Sherpa evidentials through an investigation of what triggers evidential and egophoric markers. I show that in some instances the trigger appears to be grammatically… read more
Kelly, Barbara F. 2014 Temporal synchrony in early multi-modal communicationLanguage in Interaction: Studies in honor of Eve V. Clark, Arnon, Inbal, Marisa Casillas, Chigusa Kurumada and Bruno Estigarribia (eds.), pp. 117–138 | Article
Children’s early gesture and speech combinations are typically asynchronous. As children develop the ability to employ speech and gesture together more regularly, the two modalities become synchronized and the word indicates one element, while the target of the gesture indicates another element.… read more
This paper investigates the effect of listener attitudes on the ability to understand a foreign (non-Australian) accent. The research focuses on individual listener characteristics, such as attitude and frequency of contact with accented speakers, rather than speech production. Data was collected… read more
Kelly, Barbara F. 2011 A new look at redundancy in children's gesture and word combinationsExperience, Variation and Generalization: Learning a first language, Arnon, Inbal and Eve V. Clark (eds.), pp. 73–90 | Article
This chapter examines children's overlapping gesture and speech uses. On the basis of caregiver response to child gestures it investigates the semantic relatedness of information being conveyed. In view of prior claims that gestures are often redundant with words, the study examines an Information… read more