Tone Selboe

List of John Benjamins publications for which Tone Selboe plays a role.


Selboe, Tone 2022 Situations of sympathy: Eroding emotions and everyday life in the realist novelLandscapes of Realism: Rethinking literary realism in comparative perspectives, Larsen, Svend Erik, Steen Bille Jørgensen and Margaret R. Higonnet (eds.), pp. 201–223 | To be specified
This essay ventures to show how the novel and its many negotiations of feelings, sympathy in particular, but also its antithesis, antipathy, feed into an exploration of emotional life as connected to the sphere of everyday practices related to home and family, often embedded in situations of… read more
Selboe, Tone 2017 Walking the city: Female pedestriansNordic Literature: A comparative history, Sondrup, Steven P., Mark B. Sandberg, Thomas A. DuBois and Dan Ringgaard (eds.), pp. 234–246 | Chapter