Lauren R. Zentz

List of John Benjamins publications for which Lauren R. Zentz plays a role.


In this article I operationalize the term “virtue signaling”, a term generally pejoratively used towards people’s assertions of values on social media platforms, as “moral-political stancetaking”, an activity that is actually quite common on- and offline and that works to exert peer pressure… read more
O’Connor, Brendan H. and Lauren R. Zentz 2016 Theorizing mobility in semiotic landscapes: Evidence from South Texas and Central JavaLinguistic Landscape 2:1, pp. 26–51 | Article
This study theorizes connections between semiotic resources and mobility in public displays of language with reference to data from Brownsville, Texas and Betultujuh, Central Java. From an ethnographic perspective, the paper explores the relation of public signage to the mobility of human beings… read more
This analysis of language use and legislation in globalization highlights challenges to and crossings of the borders of Indonesian nationalist ideologies and local language ecologies. Through the specific workings of language and languaging in situ, here explored through three brief examples of… read more