Haidee Kotze

Formerly known as Haidee Kruger

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Subjects Contact Linguistics | Historical linguistics | Multilingualism | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics

Exploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary discourse across time and space

Edited by Minna Korhonen, Haidee Kotze and Jukka Tyrkkö

[Studies in Corpus Linguistics, 111] 2023. vi, 379 pp.
Subjects Communication Studies | Corpus linguistics | Discourse studies | Pragmatics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


This introductory chapter sketches an overview of the origins of and background to the constrained language (or constrained communication) framework that informs this volume. It outlines the five constraint dimensions identified in the framework, and the usage-based theoretical grounding of the… read more
van Rooy, Bertus and Haidee Kotze 2024 Chapter 9. Conclusion: Cumulative insights into constrained communicationConstraints on Language Variation and Change in Complex Multilingual Contact Settings, van Rooy, Bertus and Haidee Kotze (eds.), pp. 255–286 | Chapter
This chapter synthesises the findings of the chapters in this volume and takes stock of cumulative insights into constrained communication. It considers the effects of the individual constraint dimensions in respect of their consequences for different aspects of language use, including… read more
This chapter addresses the question of editorial practice for the Australian Hansard with the use of an aligned corpus of transcribed audio recordings and the corresponding Hansard records, covering the period 1946–2015. A more traditional, qualitative, bottom-up approach is taken by manually… read more
We investigate the choice between the relative markers which and that in 8,283 restrictive relative clauses on subject position, with inanimate antecedents, in a written corpus consisting of British and Australian Hansard materials over five sampling years (1901, 1935, 1965, 1995, 2015). Our aim… read more
Tyrkkö, Jukka and Haidee Kotze 2023 Perspectives on parliamentary discourse: From corpus linguistics to cultural analyticsExploring Language and Society with Big Data: Parliamentary discourse across time and space, Korhonen, Minna, Haidee Kotze and Jukka Tyrkkö (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Chapter
Collins, Peter, Minna Korhonen, Haidee Kotze, Adam Smith and Xinyue Yao 2021 Diachronic register change: A corpus-based study of Australian English, with comparisons across British and American EnglishRegister Studies 3:1, pp. 33–87 | Article
A number of studies have found that grammatical differences across registers are more extensive than those across dialects. However, there is a paucity of research examining intervarietal register change, exploring how registers change differently over time in different regional varieties. The… read more
This article uses the Digital Opinions on Translated Literature (dioptra-l) corpus to study readers’ perceptions of and responses to translation in a naturalistic setting, focusing on the normative constructs or cognitive-evaluative templates they use to conceptualise, evaluate and respond to… read more