Efstathia Soroli

List of John Benjamins publications for which Efstathia Soroli plays a role.


Subjects Cognition and language | Language acquisition | Multilingualism


Soroli, Efstathia, Maya Hickmann † and Henriëtte Hendriks 2019 Casting an eye on motion events: Eye tracking and its implications for linguistic typologyThe Semantics of Dynamic Space in French: Descriptive, experimental and formal studies on motion expression, Aurnague, Michel and Dejan Stosic (eds.), pp. 250–288 | Chapter
In the last few decades there have been several attempts to connect language use with cognitive mechanisms underlying event representation. This language-thought interface is difficult to capture and highly debated. This chapter provides an overview of empirical and experimental studies relevant to… read more
Hickmann, Maya †, Helen Engemann, Efstathia Soroli, Henriëtte Hendriks and Coralie Vincent 2017 Chapter 2. Expressing and categorizing motion in French and English: Verbal and non-verbal cognition across languagesMotion and Space across Languages: Theory and applications, Ibarretxe-Antuñano, Iraide (ed.), pp. 61–94 | Chapter
Language-specific properties influence motion expression (Slobin 2004; Talmy 2000), but it is still debated whether they also influence non-verbal spatial cognition. We compare how English and French speakers perform three tasks involving motion events: non-verbal categorization based on cartoons… read more
Languages show differences in how they encode motion in discourse: Verb-framed languages lexicalize Path in the verb, leaving Manner peripheral or implicit; Satellite-framed languages lexicalize Manner together with Path adjuncts. The present study investigates: 1) the extent to which such… read more
Evaluative constructions involving tough-predicates (e.g., This hill is difficult to climb) present atypical structure-to-meaning mappings and vary across languages: in some languages (e.g., English/French), speakers typically use so-called tough-constructions (TCs) in which the syntactic… read more