Anna Kristina Hultgren

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English in Nordic Universities: Ideologies and practices

Edited by Anna Kristina Hultgren, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen

[Studies in World Language Problems, 5] 2014. vi, 268 pp.
Subjects English linguistics | Language policy | Language teaching | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology


Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Nathaniel Owen, Prithvi Shrestha, Maria Kuteeva and Špela Mežek 2022 Assessment and English as a medium of instruction: Challenges and opportunitiesJournal of English-Medium Instruction 1:1, pp. 105–123 | Article
As English as a Medium of Instruction (EMI) continues to expand across the globe, there is a glaring absence of research on assessment. This article reviews the scarce literature to date and maps out a research agenda for the future. Drawing on Shohamy’s (2001, 2007) Critical Language Testing… read more
Hultgren, Anna Kristina 2019 Chapter 4. Globalizing politeness? Towards a globalization-sensitive framework of mediated service encountersTechnology Mediated Service Encounters, Garcés-Conejos Blitvich, Pilar, Lucía Fernández-Amaya and María de la O Hernández-López (eds.), pp. 97–120 | Chapter
Call centres have grown exponentially since the early 1990s, effectively replacing face-to-face with telephonic and other types of mediated service provision (Holman et al. 2007; Income Data Services 2005). Drawing on observations, interviews and documentary data from offshore and onshore call… read more
Hultgren, Anna Kristina and Jacob Thøgersen 2014 Englishization of Nordic universities: Policy and practice — A disconnectLanguage Problems and Language Planning 38:3, pp. 247–264 | Article
This article draws attention to a widening and unproductive disconnect between two sets of scholarly activities seeking to understand the Englishization of Nordic universities, and, more generally, the effects of globalization on language. While these scholarly activities are not internally… read more
Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen 2014 English at Nordic universities: Ideologies and practicesEnglish in Nordic Universities: Ideologies and practices, Hultgren, Anna Kristina, Frans Gregersen and Jacob Thøgersen (eds.), pp. 1–26 | Article