Falcon D. Restrepo-Ramos

List of John Benjamins publications for which Falcon D. Restrepo-Ramos plays a role.


This work examines the behavior of vibrant (presenting linguo-alveolar contact) tap/trill variation across generations of bilingual Afro-Caribbean speakers of Spanish and an English-Lexifier Creole, known here as Raizal Creole, in the Archipelago of San Andrés, Colombia. In these islands, a… read more
Restrepo-Ramos, Falcon D. 2021 Chapter 2. A changing landscape of voseo in Medellín? The momentum of voseo in the public signage of Valle de Aburrá, ColombiaLinguistic Landscape in the Spanish-speaking World, Gubitosi, Patricia and Michelle F. Ramos Pellicia (eds.), pp. 45–72 | Chapter
This study examines the use of second-person singular forms of address (2PS) in the linguistic landscape of Valle de Aburrá, Colombia. Along with 58 surveys from Paisas, over 300 photographs of public signage with content in 2PS were taken within urban centers. Results show that voseo has its… read more
This study examines the linguistic landscape of the islands of Old Providence and Santa Catalina, Colombia, a language contact scenario. Over 700 pictures were geotagged in order to analyze the use and location of Spanish, Islander Creole, and English in public signage and to examine the factors… read more