Shu-kai Hsieh

List of John Benjamins publications for which Shu-kai Hsieh plays a role.



Wang, Po-Ya Angela and Shu-kai Hsieh 2023 Incorporating structural topic modeling into short text analysisConcentric 49:1, pp. 96–139 | Article
The past few decades have seen the rapid development of topic modeling. So far, research has been more concerned with determining the ideal number of topics or meaningful topic clustering words than with applying topic modeling techniques to evaluate linguistic theories. This study proposes the… read more
In Generative Lexicon Theory (glt) (Pustejovsky 1995), co-composition is one of the generative devices proposed to explain the cases of verbal polysemous behavior where more than one function application is allowed. The English baking verbs were used as examples to illustrate how their arguments… read more
Recurrent word sequences, referred to as “lexical bundles”, may be structurally incomplete, but they serve important communicative functions. Despite the essential roles of lexical bundles in discourse, many methodological issues have been raised in the process of identifying lexical bundles,… read more
This paper investigates the most frequent lexical bundle (LB) ka li kong (to-you-say) (KLK), in an 18.5-hour Taiwanese Southern Min conversation corpus. The analysis focuses on the discourse-pragmatic functions of KLK, the role it plays in the speaker’s management of information in… read more