Bei Hu

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bei Hu plays a role.


Hu, Bei 2023 Translating intercultural interactions in the Netflix-branded film American FactoryAudiovisual translation in the age of streaming, Choi, Jinsil, Kyung Hye Kim and Jonathan Evans (eds.), pp. 378–403 | Article
The Netflix-branded film American Factory glaringly illustrates China’s and the United States’s contrasting views on capitalism, propaganda, and labour rights. The film directors have argued that the entangling of clashing civilisations that permeates numerous layers of the documentary is… read more
The empirical line of reception studies has staked out new research questions regarding the effects of translation on actual readers. Nevertheless, the underlying mechanisms of how the translated text flows towards and is received by the target reader remain elusive, notably with respect to… read more
Translation norms are conventionally viewed as forces that regulate translatorial behavior. Yet little is known about how norms are validated, challenged or broken by human agents. This quasi-experimental study of Chinese institutional translation proposes a risk-management model that explains… read more