Claudia Crocco

List of John Benjamins publications for which Claudia Crocco plays a role.


Belligh, Thomas, Ludovic De Cuypere and Claudia Crocco 2023 Alternating Italian thetic and sentence-focus constructions: A case studyRevue Romane 58:2, pp. 246–277 | Article
In this article we study the alternation between the two most prominent Italian thetic and sentence-focus constructions, viz. the Syntactic Inversion Construction (henceforth: SIC), e.g. Arriva il treno (‘The train is arriving’), and the Presentational Cleft (henceforth: PC), e.g. C’è il treno… read more
This article contributes to the study of the relationship between Latin and Tuscan vernacular in the 16th century. We examine a set of almost neglected grammatical works (the Concetti, Supplimento, and Il grammatico) published between 1557 and 1567, and related to the Italian humanist Aonio… read more
Crocco, Claudia e Linda Badan 2023 Dislocazioni a destra interrogative tra grammatica e discorsoRevue Romane 58:1, pp. 128–153 | Article
This article deals with clitic right dislocation (CLRD) structures. The interface examination of the interpretative, syntactic and prosodic properties of CLRDs shows that these constructions can be ordered on a scale based to a minor or greater degree of prosodic and syntactic integration… read more
Magistro, Giuseppe, Claudia Crocco and Anne Breitbarth 2022 Information structure and Jespersen’s cycle: The dialects of Veneto as a window on processes of language changeLanguage Change at the Interfaces: Intrasentential and intersentential phenomena, Catasso, Nicholas, Marco Coniglio and Chiara De Bastiani (eds.), pp. 35–60 | Chapter
In this paper we report the results of an exploratory experiment aiming to examine the division of labour between syntax, phonology, and information structure in linguistic change, in particular, Jespersen’s cycle. According to previous literature, new expressions of negation start out from… read more
This paper examines polarity contrast marking in Italian, analyzing replies to questions and assertions in Map Task dialogues and read speech. We examine the frequency of echo replies, their syntactic and prosodic properties, and the frequency of verum focus. The results show that echo replies are… read more
Marzo, Stefania e Claudia Crocco 2015 Tipicità delle costruzioni presentative per l’italiano neostandardRevue Romane 50:1, pp. 30–50 | Article
The aim of this paper is to examine the distribution of presentative constructions in contemporary Italian and to verify whether their occurrence depends on language external factors. Presentative constructions have been studied particularly by Italian linguists during the Eighties, and were… read more