Dirk Siepmann

List of John Benjamins publications for which Dirk Siepmann plays a role.


This article takes a doubly contrastive approach to spoken academic language. On the one hand, it explores genre differences between spoken and written academic English and French; on the other, it considers divergences between spoken academic discourse in the two languages. The corpora used for… read more
This study is an exploratory investigation into lexico-grammatical items specific to a large corpus of English-language post-war novels, as compared to corpora of conversation, news and academic English. Its overall aim is threefold: first, to show how the subjective impression of ‘literariness’… read more
Siepmann, Dirk 2008 Phraseology in learners' dictionaries: What, where and how?Phraseology in Foreign Language Learning and Teaching, Meunier, Fanny and Sylviane Granger (eds.), pp. 185–202 | Article
This chapter raises the question as to whether learners’ dictionaries adequately represent routine formulae in terms of coverage and generativity. Most monolingual learners’ dictionaries are found to concentrate rather too narrowly on traditional non-compositional idioms, while severely neglecting… read more
Siepmann, Dirk 2001 Second-level discourse markers across languagesLanguages in Contrast 3:2, pp. 253–287 | Article
This article looks at a particular type of routine formula, called ‘second-level discourse marker’ (SLDM), which falls within the scope of what is sometimes termed ‘procedural vocabulary’. Having defined and exemplified the notion, I set up a structural typology of SLDMs. I then proceed to discuss… read more