Karol Janicki

List of John Benjamins publications for which Karol Janicki plays a role.


This paper takes up the question of definitions in general and definitions as related to research on language and conflict in particular. I anchor my discussion in the proceedings of the panel ‘Researching and Understanding the Language of Aggression and Conflict’ held at the recent IPrA… read more
Janicki, Karol 2011 Communication and understandingApplied Folk Linguistics, Wilton, Antje and Martin Stegu (eds.), pp. 68–77 | Article
This article consists of two sections: in the first one, I discuss one of the most prevalent lay myths in the Western world with respect to communication and understanding, namely, the view that meaning resides in words and that it is transmitted from one language user to another in a conduit, as… read more
Janicki, Karol 2003 The ever-stifling essentialism: Language and conflict in Poland (1991–1993)Motivation in Language: Studies in honor of Günter Radden, Cuyckens, Hubert, Thomas Berg, René Dirven † and Klaus-Uwe Panther (eds.), pp. 273–295 | Article
Janicki, Karol 1997 Political Correctness: Conflict-ridden language, language-ridden conflict, or both?Political Linguistics, Blommaert, Jan † and Chris Bulcaen (eds.), pp. 297–312 | Article
Janicki, Karol 1981 Toward contrastive sociolinguisticsTheoretical Issues in Contrastive Linguistics, Fisiak, Jacek (ed.), pp. 11 ff. | Article