Minju Kim

List of John Benjamins publications for which Minju Kim plays a role.


Using natural conversation corpora, I demonstrate that the Korean x-tunci ha ‘x-or do’ and x-kena ha ‘x-or do’, which originally list options (e.g., ‘x or y do’) have emerged as independent constructions that can indicate approximation, epistemic uncertainty, tentativeness, and even polite… read more
Using diachronic corpus data, this article examines the grammaticalization of three Korean aspectual markers, progressive ‑ko iss‑, resultative ‑e iss‑, and anterior ‑ess‑. It demonstrates that the three Korean aspectual markers emerged from the same source ‑e is(i)‑, which in the 15th C expressed… read more
Abstract. In the 15th C, the Korean existential verb had three allomorphs, is-, isi-, and si-, while Present Day Korean has one form, iss-. Using diachronic corpus data, the present article examines the historical development of the existential verb stem leading to the current form iss-.… read more