Adam Jaworski

List of John Benjamins publications for which Adam Jaworski plays a role.



Jaworski, Adam 2019  X X-Scapes: New horizons in Linguistic Landscapes, Thurlow, Crispin and Kellie Gonçalves (eds.), pp. 115–141 | Article
The grapheme and symbol x has been documented as relatively indeterminate and polysemic (e.g. Gale, 2015). Yet, various typographic, orthographic and other design choices make it particularly salient in the contemporary semiotic landscape. The paper starts by outlining briefly the history of the… read more
Lou, Jackie Jia and Adam Jaworski 2016 Itineraries of protest signage: Semiotic landscape and the mythologizing of the Hong Kong Umbrella MovementOccupy Hong Kong: Historicizing Protest, Flowerdew, John and Rodney H. Jones (eds.), pp. 609–642 | Article
The pro-democracy occupation of three commercial and retail areas in Hong Kong that lasted over two months in the fall of 2014 – known as the Umbrella Movement – created a myth of Utopia (Barthes 1984 [1954]). In this paper, we track the itineraries (Scollon 2008) and resemiotizations (Iedema… read more
The focus of this paper is on language objects in contemporary ‘word cities’, or urban landscapes, shaped by art and consumer culture. I define ‘language objects’ as two- or three-dimensional pieces of writing (e.g. needlework samplers, fridge magnets, wooden or metal sculptures, etc.) that do not… read more
Photography has a long history of (de-)legitimation of wars. In this paper we examine the visual rhetoric of two newspapers, the British Guardian and the Polish Gazeta Wyborcza in their representation of the Palestinian-Israeli war in October 2000. Although both newspapers have access to the same… read more