Joan Carles Mora

Formerly known as Joan C. Mora

List of John Benjamins publications for which Joan Carles Mora plays a role.



Mora, Joan Carles, Sapna Sehgal and Raquel Serrano 2023 Chapter 8. Oral fluency measures in study abroad researchMethods in Study Abroad Research: Past, present, and future, Pérez-Vidal, Carmen and Cristina Sanz (eds.), pp. 183–207 | Chapter
Measuring L2 speaking fluency is methodologically challenging. The current chapter critically evaluates measures of L2 speaking fluency and their limitations in study abroad (SA) research and offers new methodological directions based on current findings from L2 fluency research. The analysis of… read more
Ortega, Mireia, Ingrid Mora Plaza and Joan Carles Mora 2021 Chapter 14. Differential effects of lexical and non-lexical high-variability phonetic training on the production of L2 vowelsEnglish Pronunciation Instruction: Research-based insights, Kirkova-Naskova, Anastazija, Alice Henderson and Jonás Fouz-González (eds.), pp. 327–356 | Chapter
This study investigated the effects of phonetically-oriented and lexically-oriented high-variability phonetic training. Forty-one L1-Catalan/Spanish EFL learners were randomly assigned to three groups. Two were trained on the English /æ/-/ʌ/ contrast either through nonwords (n=14) or words… read more
This study investigated the relationship between processing time and comprehensibility judgments in non-native listeners’ perception of L2 speech as a function of an L1- match between speaker and listener and non-native listeners’ proficiency. Instructed L2-English learners differing in L1… read more
This chapter discusses the relationship between cognitive control and phonological processing in a second language (L2). Cognitive control is globally referred to as executive functions, mainly consisting of attention control, working memory and inhibitory control. Our research examines how… read more
Mora, Joan Carles, James L. Keidel and James Emil Flege 2015 Effects of Spanish use on the production of Catalan vowels by early Spanish-Catalan bilingualsThe Phonetics–Phonology Interface: Representations and methodologies, Romero, Joaquín and María Riera (eds.), pp. 33–54 | Article
This study examined the production of Catalan vowels by 82 adults who had begun using both Spanish (S) and Catalan (C) at school age but differed in their self-reported percentage of Catalan use (11%=MostlyS, 40%=S/C, 63%=C/S, 86%=MostlyC). Bark-normalized Euclidean distances between the vowels… read more
The present study addresses, focusing on perceptual phonological competence, one of the main research questions within the SALA Project: namely, whether there are differential gains attributable to Formal Instruction (FI) and Study Abroad (SA) contexts, and whether there are different patterns of… read more
This chapter examines L2 fluency development across Formal Instruction (FI) and Study Abroad (SA) learning periods, thus investigating one of the research questions in the SALA Project, namely whether a three-month SA after a FI period results in significant benefits. The longitudinal approach in… read more