M. Rosario Martín Ruano

List of John Benjamins publications for which M. Rosario Martín Ruano plays a role.


Martín Ruano, M. Rosario 2021 Chapter 15. (Re)locating translation within asymmetrical power dynamics: Translation as an instrument of resistant convivialityTranslating Asymmetry – Rewriting Power, Carbonell i Cortés, Ovidi and Esther Monzó-Nebot (eds.), pp. 335–360 | Chapter
This article proposes a critical approach to any instance of translation which (1) contributes to the (re)thinking of translation beyond the idea of bridge-building; (2) is based on a conceptualisation of culture(s) and identity(ies) in terms of translation and in inevitably political terms; and… read more
Martín Ruano, M. Rosario 2006 Conciliation of disciplines and paradigms: A challenge and a barrier for future directions in translation studiesTranslation Studies at the Interface of Disciplines, Duarte, João Ferreira, Alexandra Assis Rosa and Teresa Seruya (eds.), pp. 43–53 | Article
After decades of persistent claims for the development of interdisciplinary and integrated approaches to translation, Translation Studies now benefit from the contribution of various branches of learning that have brought about the multiplication of theoretical trends, viewpoints and research… read more