Aneider Iza Erviti

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Baicchi, Annalisa and Aneider Iza Erviti 2018 Genre as cognitive construction: An analysis of discourse connectors in academic lecturesCognitive Perspectives on Genre, Vergaro, Carla (ed.), pp. 576–601 | Article
The present article investigates a set of discourse connectors in the academic lecture genre from the viewpoint of the inseparable pair of pragmatics and cognition. Making use of the MICASE corpus for data retrieval, a selection of discourse constructions encoding comparative contrastive… read more
This paper studies the fundamental characteristics of a subgroup of members of the family of complementary-contrastive discourse constructions in English. Following Ruiz de Mendoza and Gómez-González (2014) by discourse constructions this article refers to form-meaning pairings capturing… read more
The present article is concerned with the analysis of so-called metaphoric resemblance operations. Our corpus of animal metaphors, as representative of resemblance metaphors, reveals that there are complex cognitive operations other than simple one-correspondence mappings that are necessary to… read more