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Sources of Variation in First Language Acquisition: Languages, contexts, and learners

Edited by Maya Hickmann †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa

Subjects Language acquisition | Psycholinguistics | Theoretical linguistics


Hickmann, Maya †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa 2018 Introduction. What can variation tell us about first language acquisition?Sources of Variation in First Language Acquisition: Languages, contexts, and learners, Hickmann, Maya †, Edy Veneziano and Harriet Jisa (eds.), pp. 1–24 | Chapter
After years of research focusing on universal regularities in child language, the study of variation has enriched our understanding of language development. Variation stems from exogenous and endogenous factors that can all influence the development of communicative capacities. This volume focuses… read more
Maggio, Severine, Florence Chenu, Guillemette Bes de Berc, Blandine Pesci, Bernard Lété, Harriet Jisa and Michel Fayol 2015 Producing written noun phrases in FrenchWritten Language & Literacy 18:1, pp. 1–24 | Article
This research compares the time-course of the written production of bare nouns to that of noun phrases. French adults named pictures of objects either using or not using determiners. Resulting pauses and writing rates were analyzed in relation to word-orthographic frequency, syllabic length, and… read more
Jisa, Harriet, Florence Chenu, Gabriella Fekete and Hayat Omar 2010 Chapter 9. Promoting patients in narrative discourse: A developmental perspectiveLanguage Acquisition across Linguistic and Cognitive Systems, Kail, Michèle and Maya Hickmann † (eds.), pp. 161–177 | Article
Languages provide speakers with a number of structural options for manipulating the expression of events in narrative discourse. Underlying narrative competence is the capacity to view events as dynamic actions composed of a bundle of elements such as, agent, patient, affectedness, etc. (Hopper &… read more
Attaining rhetorical competence requires the capacity to use linguistic form to communicate discourse stance as well as discourse content. Languages provide their speakers with a range of options to express content in ways that reveal orientation, generality of reference, and attitude to the… read more
Jisa, Harriet 2004 Growing into academic FrenchLanguage Development across Childhood and Adolescence, Berman, Ruth A. (ed.), pp. 135–161 | Chapter
Jisa, Harriet, Judy Reilly, Ludo Verhoeven, Elisheva Baruch and Elisa Rosado 2002 Passive voice constructions in written texts: A cross-linguistic developmental studyCross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Development of Text-Production Abilities in Speech and Writing. Part 2, Berman, Ruth A. and Ludo Verhoeven (eds.), pp. 163–181 | Article
The distribution of passive constructions is examined in written texts produced by native speakers of five Languages (Dutch, English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish), from four Age groups (aged 9–10, 12–13, 15–16 years, and adults). These languages contrast in the variety of structures available to… read more
Reilly, Judy, Elisheva Baruch, Harriet Jisa and Ruth A. Berman 2002 Propositional attitudes in written and spoken languageCross-Linguistic Perspectives on the Development of Text-Production Abilities in Speech and Writing. Part 2, Berman, Ruth A. and Ludo Verhoeven (eds.), pp. 183–218 | Article
This study considers the use of modal expressions (auxiliaries like should , can), semi-modals (e.g. have to, be likely to), and adverbials and complement-taking expressions (maybe, it is possible that ) to convey the attitudes and feelings of speaker/writers about the events they describe… read more
Akinci, Mehmet-Ali, Harriet Jisa and Sophie Kern 2001 7. Influence of L1 Turkish on L2 French narrativesNarrative Development in a Multilingual Context, Verhoeven, Ludo and Sven Strömqvist (eds.), pp. 189 ff. | Chapter