Robert Cirillo

List of John Benjamins publications for which Robert Cirillo plays a role.


Cirillo, Robert 2013 On the lack of stranded negated quantifiers and inverse scope of negation in RomanceRomance Languages and Linguistic Theory 2011: Selected papers from 'Going Romance' Utrecht 2011, Baauw, Sergio, Frank Drijkoningen, Luisa Meroni and Manuela Pinto (eds.), pp. 59–74 | Article
The Germanic languages allow floating negated quantifiers (The children have not all not eaten) while the Romance languages do not. The Germanic languages also allow negation to take inverse scope over a universal quantifier (All the children have not eaten) whereas the Romance languages are very… read more
Universal quantifiers such as all select a DP as their complement and can be ‘floated’ or ‘stranded’ by that DP, and in certain Germanic languages they can also co-occur with an interrogative DP. The purpose of this article is to investigate whether interrogative and non-interrogative DPs that… read more