Danielle Barth

List of John Benjamins publications for which Danielle Barth plays a role.


The Oceanic language Matukar Panau has three equivalent morphosyntactic strategies for describing the direction of the event represented by a verb, with a system of ten directional morphemes that can appear in each construction. This variation is explored using a corpus from Matukar Panau and… read more
Referential kinship terms in Matukar Panau (Oceanic, Papua New Guinea) are obligatorily possessed. Traditionally, kinship terms are directly possessed in Oceanic languages (with an obligatory suffix on the root that agrees with the person and number of the possessor). In Matukar Panau, some… read more
Daniels, Don, Danielle Barth and Wolfgang Barth 2019 Subgrouping the Sogeram languages: A critical appraisal of Historical GlottometryUnderstanding language genealogy: Alternatives to the tree model, Kalyan, Siva, Alexandre François and Harald Hammarström (eds.), pp. 92–127 | Article
Historical Glottometry is a method, recently proposed by Kalyan and François (François 2014; Kalyan & François 2018), for analyzing and representing the relationships among sister languages in a language family. We present a glottometric analysis of the Sogeram language family of Papua New… read more