Olli Philippe Lautenbacher

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Text and Context Revisited Within a Multimodal Framework

Edited by Yves Gambier and Olli Philippe Lautenbacher

Special issue of Babel 70:1/2 (2024) vi, 303 pp.
Subjects Translation Studies


Gambier, Yves and Olli Philippe Lautenbacher 2024 Text and context revisited within a multimodal frameworkText and Context Revisited Within a Multimodal Framework, Gambier, Yves and Olli Philippe Lautenbacher (eds.), pp. 1–16 | Review article
We are now faced with a flow of documents. But how do all these digital texts circulate between senders and prosumers? Can we assume that texts today are similar in terms of meaning-making, coherence, and interpretation to texts produced, perceived, used before the technological changes? The… read more
An ideal strongly anchored in the realm of translation is that of “translating without additions or modifications.” However, with multimodal texts, one is confronted with the problem posed by the image, its reading, and its interpretation. This article aims to better delineate the interpretative… read more