Katarzyna Ożańska-Ponikwia

List of John Benjamins publications for which Katarzyna Ożańska-Ponikwia plays a role.


Ożańska-Ponikwia, Katarzyna and Jean-Marc Dewaele 2012 Personality and L2 use: The advantage of being openminded and self-confident in an immigration contextEUROSLA Yearbook: Volume 12 (2012), Roberts, Leah, Christina Lindqvist, Camilla Bardel and Niclas Abrahamsson (eds.), pp. 112–134 | Article
Researchers working on the effects of study abroad are always baffled by the huge individual differences in the development of a target language (TL) among students – who could be considered as temporary immigrants (Kinginger 2011; Regan et al. 2009). Researchers often speculate that these… read more