Luca Ciucci

List of John Benjamins publications for which Luca Ciucci plays a role.


Bertinetto, Pier Marco, Luca Ciucci and Margherita Farina 2019 Two types of morphologically expressed non-verbal predicationStudies in Language 43:1, pp. 120–194 | Article
The morphological expression of non-verbal predication is a geographically widespread, although not very frequent, typological feature. This paper highlights the existence of two radically contrasting types of non-verbal predicative inflection. Construction A has already been described in the… read more
Ciucci, Luca 2019 A culture of secrecy: The hidden narratives of the AyoreoCreativity in Language, Aikhenvald, Alexandra Y., Andrea Hollington, Nico Nassenstein and Anne Storch (eds.), pp. 175–194 | Article
This paper aims at discussing some aspects of the secrecy characterizing sacred texts by the Ayoreo, a Zamucoan population of the Boreal Chaco in South America, from a linguistic perspective. The magic power exerted by words in Ayoreo traditional culture is the reason why holy texts are kept… read more
Ciucci, Luca and Pier Marco Bertinetto 2017 Possessive inflection in Proto-Zamucoan: A reconstructionDiachronica 34:3, pp. 283–330 | Article
This paper presents a comparative analysis of possessive inflection in the three known Zamucoan languages: Ayoreo and Chamacoco – still spoken in the Chaco area between Bolivia and Paraguay – plus †Old Zamuco, described by the Jesuit father Ignace Chomé in the first half of the 18th century. The… read more