Bob de Jonge

List of John Benjamins publications for which Bob de Jonge plays a role.

Book series


Linguistic Theory and Empirical Evidence

Edited by Bob de Jonge and Yishai Tobin

Subjects Functional linguistics | Phonology | Syntax | Theoretical linguistics

Language Contact: New perspectives

Edited by Muriel Norde, Bob de Jonge and Cornelius Hasselblatt

Subjects Historical linguistics | Sociolinguistics and Dialectology | Theoretical linguistics


Jonge, Bob de 2019 The relevance of relevance in linguistic analysis: Spanish simple past tensesColumbia School Linguistics in the 21st Century, Stern, Nancy, Ricardo Otheguy, Wallis Reid and Jaseleen Sackler (eds.), pp. 105–122
The Spanish simple past tenses (imperfecto and indefinido) are studied in a literary text, supporting the claim that a discourse-related hypothesis about the meaning of these forms allows for a correct structural analysis and, moreover, enables a revealing literary analysis. That is, the meaning… read more | Chapter
This paper adresses the possible relationship between synchronic variation and diachronic change. It will be argued that the existence of contexts in which both alternating forms may occur without hindering the communicative inferences of the intended message should eventually favour the… read more | Article
Jonge, Bob de 2011 Introduction: Linguistic theory and empirical evidenceLinguistic Theory and Empirical Evidence, Jonge, Bob de and Yishai Tobin (eds.), pp. 1–14
The relation between many linguistic, or otherwise psychological observations is unclear, not even demonstrable. A proposal to formalize (a ‘generative grammar’) the subconscious observations discovered by Freud and their influence on human behavior is eventually possible. Freud has caused the… read more | Article
Hasselblatt, Cornelius, Bob de Jonge and Muriel Norde 2010 IntroductionLanguage Contact: New perspectives, Norde, Muriel, Bob de Jonge and Cornelius Hasselblatt (eds.), pp. 1–6
Dekker, Adriaan and Bob de Jonge 2006 Phonology as human behavior: The case of Peninsular SpanishAdvances in Functional Linguistics: Columbia School beyond its origins, Davis, Joseph, Radmila J. Gorup and Nancy Stern (eds.), pp. 131–141
The authors analyze the distribution in the lexicon of nine Peninsular Spanish consonants (/p, t, k, b, d, g, f, ?, ?/) within the framework of Phonology as Human Behavior with respect to two hypothesised factors: Complexity of Articulation and Visibility. In general, the observed distribution of… read more | Article
Jonge, Bob de 2004 The relevance of relevance in linguistic analysis: Spanish subjunctive moodCognitive and Communicative Approaches to Linguistic Analysis, Contini-Morava, Ellen, Robert S. Kirsner and Betsy Rodríguez-Bachiller (eds.), pp. 205–218
Jonge, Bob de 2000 Eventuality Classification: Meaning and Use of Spanish Simple Past TensesBetween Grammar and Lexicon, Contini-Morava, Ellen and Yishai Tobin (eds.), pp. 227 ff.
Jonge, Bob de 1993 (Dis)continuity in language change: ser and estar + age in Latin-American SpanishLinguistics in the Netherlands 1993, Drijkoningen, Frank and Kees Hengeveld (eds.), pp. 69–80