Alan Juffs

List of John Benjamins publications for which Alan Juffs plays a role.


Subjects Generative linguistics | Language acquisition | Semantics | Sino-Tibetan languages | Syntax


Naismith, Ben, Alan Juffs, Na-Rae Han and Daniel Zheng 2022 Handle it in-house? Learner corpora frequency lists and lexical sophisticationInternational Journal of Corpus Linguistics 27:3, pp. 291–320 | Article
Vocabulary lists of high-frequency lexical items are an important resource in language education and a key product of corpus research. However, no single vocabulary list will be useful for every learning context, with the appropriateness of such lists affected by the corpora on which they are… read more
This report introduces the University of Pittsburgh English Language Institute Corpus (PELIC; Juffs et al., 2020), a publicly available 4.2-million-word learner corpus of written texts. Collected over seven years in the University of Pittsburgh’s Intensive English Program, these texts were… read more
Olsen, Michael Kevin and Alan Juffs 2022 The effect of animacy on object pronoun distinctions in L 2 SpanishLinguistic Approaches to Bilingualism 12:2, pp. 220–249 | Article
When acquiring Spanish object pronouns (OP), English-speaking second language (L2) learners must learn the variety of forms available, word order, and case distinctions. The acquisition of case distinctions in particular is an aspect that has not been thoroughly investigated. Zyzik (2006)… read more
The past 30 years of reading research has confirmed the importance of bottom-up processing. Rather than a psycholinguistic guessing game (Goodman, 1967), reading is dependent on rapid, accurate recognition of written forms. In fluent first language (L1) readers, this is seen in the automatic… read more
This paper focuses on vocabulary development in intensive English program (IEP) students, comparing free writing data from an IEP to previous research in more controlled contexts. These free writing data derive from writing assignments collected from students with three language backgrounds: Arabic… read more