Wany Bernardete de Araujo Sampaio

List of John Benjamins publications for which Wany Bernardete de Araujo Sampaio plays a role.


Araujo Sampaio, Wany Bernardete de, Quesler Fagundes Camargos and Arikam Amondawa 2021 Verbal reduplication as an aspectual marker and manifestation of cultural values in Amondawa (Brazil, Amazon)International Journal of Language and Culture 8:2, pp. 297–322 | Article
In this paper we analyse verbal reduplication in the Amondawa language, focusing on the aspectual function. We argue that verbal reduplication may be linked to Amondawa’s cultural values, such as the counting system and the event-based concept of time. We analysed 100 verbal predicates,… read more
Araujo Sampaio, Wany Bernardete de, Vera da Silva Sinha and Chris Sinha 2020 Chapter 9. Embodiment, personification, identity: Metaphor and world view in a Brazilian Tupian culture and languageLanguage, Culture and Identity – Signs of Life, Silva Sinha, Vera da, Ana Moreno-Núñez and Zhen Tian (eds.), pp. 181–202 | Chapter
In this paper we address ontological metaphorical linguistic expressions in a Brazilian Tupian language and culture, based on conceptual metaphor theory. We focus on metaphors of personification and body part constructions in the Amondawa language; analyzing examples from retellings of mythical… read more
Cabral, Ana Suelly Arruda Câmara, Wany Bernardete de Araujo Sampaio and Vera da Silva Sinha 2016 Indigenous language policies in Brazil: Training indigenous people as teachers and researchersEndangered Languages and Languages in Danger: Issues of documentation, policy, and language rights, Filipović, Luna and Martin Pütz (eds.), pp. 45–59 | Article
In this chapter we outline the historical background of Brazilian language policies that are meant to be supportive of Brazilian indigenous languages and discuss some positive and negative impacts of national programmes developed under these policies. We single out the official programmes relating… read more