Ana Fernández-Dobao

List of John Benjamins publications for which Ana Fernández-Dobao plays a role.


This study analyzes collaborative writing activities completed by heritage language (HL) and second language (L2) learners’ dyads with a focus on collaborative dialogue and learning. Eight HL and ten L2 learners participated in the study, completing a total of 26 collaborative writing activities… read more
We provide a snapshot of childhood morphology development in our investigation of two profiles of bilinguals (age 9–10) in an English-Spanish dual immersion academic setting: Spanish heritage language (SHL, n = 21) and second language (SL2, n = 41) children. Three tasks were given to the 62… read more
Code-switching is a common practice among bilingual speakers, including Spanish heritage language learners. Research on Spanish-English bilinguals in the United States has provided plenty of evidence documenting the use of code-switching in daily conversation with a variety of communicative and… read more
Fernández-Dobao, Ana 2016 1. Peer interaction and learning: A focus on the silent learnerPeer Interaction and Second Language Learning: Pedagogical potential and research agenda, Sato, Masatoshi and Susan Ballinger (eds.), pp. 33–61 | Article
This chapter investigated whether all learners benefitted from the lexical language-related episodes (LREs) produced in small group interaction, even when acting as silent observers of their peers’ collaborative work. Using a pretest-posttest design, evidence was obtained confirming that silent… read more